About Us-2

Hi guys!
We're Ritz and Charisse and we started Labsky in 2018. 
We have a strong passion for pets
as we have been dog owners for most of our lives.

The name Labsky itself was born out of the desire to express our passion for our own pets; our labradors, Oyi (Chinese for black ball because he's black and round), and Otap because of his brown fur, and our huskies, AC and Atlas, named after the titan for his big feet.

We started being picky about pet products after watching the documentary "Pet Fooled" and seeing the link between our pets' health and the products we feed or use on them.

Of particular note is our labrador, Otap, who has had constant yeast infections and hotspots. He has had to use a lot of harsh and chemical-filled products to address these issues, to no avail. This prompted us to look for all-natural solutions to his skin problems, and Labsky was born.

We aim to bring these safe but effective products to the Philippines
to share with other pet fur-rents!