Labsky FAQs

Howlpot products are made in Korea and Reliq products are made in Taiwan.

We look for values-driven organizations that have the welfare of pets in mind over anything else. Their products also have to prioritize quality and need to solve previously unmet problems of our pets and fur-rents.

You may order on our website!

In case of sold-out items:
  • Shopee
  • Lazada
  • Pet Warehouse
  • Petster
  • Pet Express
  • Grab Mart
  • Pickaroo
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We accept the following payment methods:
  • GCash
  • Ritz Evan Chu: 09778402332
  • BDO Bank Transfer
  • Labsky Pet Supplies: 001580036862
  • PayPal (additional fees may apply)
  • Paymongo (additional fees may apply)

  • NCR: 3-7 days
  • Luzon: 7-10 days
  • Visayas & Mindanao: 10-14 days

  • Metro Manila: Grab, Lalamove, Mister Speedy

    Outside Metro Manila:
    • Regular-sized Items: Entrego, Ninja Van, LBC
    • Large-sized items:Ninja Van, AP Cargo

    Yes, please choose pick-up option upon checkout. Our pick-up point is at 290 Lavezares Street, Binondo, Manila.

    Yes, you may find us on the following:
    • Shopee Mall
    • LazMall
    • Pet Warehouse
    • Petster
    • Pet Express
    • Grab Mart
    • Pickaroo

    You may also check out our list of stores for our retailers as well!

    Reliq FAQs

    Reliq is the world's first Smart Pet Care Line. Reliq uses volcanic minerals and nanotechnology to create an all natural solution to grooming pets. The brand's priority is on healthy skin and a beautiful coat for your pet, and they are committed to bringing you safe and effective pet care in a new, revolutionary way to achieve these goals. 
    Its core ingredient, volcanic minerals, are proven effective to:

  • Clean skin and coat.

  • Eliminate odor causing bacteria.

  • Helps maintain freshness longer, and lead to healthier skin.

  • Reliq nanotech cleaning agents are derived from the deposits of weathered volcanic ash, a medicinal powdered clay which had been called the Living Clay, or Healing Clay by the ancient American Indians. It has enormous absorbent powers due to the constitution of its micro molecules.
    This magic ingredient is great at eliminating skin issues and unwanted odor.

    It works in two steps:

    1. It absorbs oils, toxic substances, and impurities from the skin.

    2. Its toning action stimulates the skin by bringing oxygenated blood to damaged skin cells, revitalizing the complexion, and tightening pores.

    Nano-technology is a scientific process that breaks down core substances into smaller masses. Our Nano-technology miniaturizes these key minerals down to 15-20 micrometers. This breakdown is about 100 times smaller but the actual surface area for the active ingredients increases 1,000,000 times—allowing the product to penetrate deep into the skin and follicles. The active ingredients are small enough to also break down odor molecules and eliminate bacterial microorganisms.

    This also allows the other beneficial ingredients like Essential herbal oils, Vitamin E and B5, to be absorbed more in hard to reach areas for deep cleaning and nourishment.

    Reliq products are registered with the Bureau of Animal Industry so we can only encourage usage on pets. 

    All Reliq products are safe around children and pets. While made exclusively for pets, there are no harmful ingredients or processes. Our products do not contain drug ingredients.

    Howlpot FAQs

    Howlpot is a combination of “howl” and “pot.” The company name represents their wish to contain the various needs and desires of pets in their products, like having food in a pot.
    Howlpot makes sure that all their product designs and functionalities are focused on the pets' welfare first. They also provide a unique take on pet accessories through a clean and minimalist aesthetic. This combination of functionality and fashion makes Howlpot unique in the pet care industry.

    Howlpot's Flagship product Howly Bed is the world’s first pet house to win the Red Dot Design Award in the living category.