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Lorenz Stick Goat Milk Strawberry

Lorenz Stick Goat Milk Strawberry

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Fresh goat milk meets sweet strawberries.


Lorenz Stick Goat Milk Strawberry is a snack made from:

1. healthy goat milk sourced from goats that freely roams in the clean area of ​​the DMZ in Cheorwon, Gangwon

2. pesticide-free strawberries from Buyeo, Chungcheongnam-do, which is famous for its high quality. 


It is helpful for:

a. bone health and digestive health

b. replenishing moisture and nutrients while walking

c. feed medicines.


All ingredients are organic or pesticide-free. Human-grade food only.


***100% made in Korea, HACCP certified. Good for all life stages


WEIGHT: 120g (15g x 8 pcs)



INGREDIENTS: Pesticide-free strawberries(domestic)60%, goat milk(domestic)13%, organic rice powder(domestic)12%, organic cabbage(domestic)8%, milk [lacto-free] (domestic)5%, miscellaneous honey(domestic)1%, pesticide-free Aronia(domestic)0.02%, purified water


1) Sweet & juicy strawberries: Rich in fiber helps with a healthy bowel movement, Good for diet with lots of vitamins and minerals.


2) Goat milk similar to breast milk: Goat milk digests well for your pets even in its original state! Similar to breast milk, it's perfect for healthy protein intake.


3) Organic Cabbage: Famous for being good for the stomach for humans, is also good for pets! It is rich in calcium and fiber.


4) Honey: Good source of nutrition, antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory.


5) Milk(Lactose free): Good source of protein and moisture


6) Antioxidant Aronia Berries: Good for heart and eye, and helps in anti-aging.


6) Rice flour: Natural good quality carbohydrate is essential for pet’s nutritional balance. Rice flour supplements vitamins and minerals, and fiber.

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