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Lorenz Stick Sweet Potato Apple

Lorenz Stick Sweet Potato Apple

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Lorenz Stick Sweet Potato Apples contain :


1. Apples rich in pectin: good for the coat. 


2. Sweet potatoes that fit the nutritional balance: helps with digestive health. 


It is a versatile snack that can be used for:

1. Rewards and energy boosters during walks

2. Supplement hydration

3. Supplementing nutrients, and help in feeding medicines.

- Source of nutrition for dogs who can't feed on solids.



All ingredients are organic or pesticide-free. Made from human-grade food only.


***100% made in Korea, HACCP certified. Good for all life stages

WEIGHT: 120g (15g x 8 pcs)


INGREDIENTS: Pesticide-free sweet potato (domestic)32%,Squeezed apple juice(domestic)11%, Pesticide-free broccoli(domestic)7%, Pesticide-free carrot(domestic)7%, organic rice powder(domestic)7%, pesticide-free Aronia(domestic)0.01%, purified water


1) Sweet potato: Abundant fiber helps dogs to have a healthy bowel movement and digestion. Low fat and satiety help with weight management.


2) Superfood Broccoli: High in beta-carotene and dietary fiber to help to remove free radicals. Low calories and satiety help with weight management.


3) Juicy Apples: Pectin is good for dog skin and helps to boost immunity.


4) Carrot: Beta-carotene contained in carrots is good for eyesight and has anti-cancer effect. Carotenoid, which is rich in carrots, is good for the heart and helps to black pigments on dogs' eyes and nose.


5) Antioxidant Aronia Berries: Good for heart and eye, and helps in anti-aging.


6) Rice flour: Natural good quality carbohydrate is essential for pet’s nutritional balance. Rice flour supplements vitamins and minerals, and fiber.

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