Howlpot Water Resistant Memory Foam Bed

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The Memory Foam Bed is Howlpot's ultimate comfort cushion for pets. It is durable and has excellent resilience for support and weight distribution.

The outer fabric is water resistant and the bottom is made of anti-slip material. It is perfect to support the spine position of your pets and help them rest more comfortably.

Includes water proof cover.


Length  62 cm
Width 56 cm
Height 12 cm


*Fur Mat sold separately


 3~10 kg Maltese, Shih Tzu, Boston Terrier, Bichon Frise and more



1. Exterior : 100% Polyester
- Water-resistance coated
- Machine washable (delicate wash/wool course)
2. Inner cushion : Memory Foam
- Non-washable. Wipe with wet towel and dry in a cool & ventilated place.
- Can be discolored from temperature, humidity, and etc but won’t affect in its functionality

*Wrinkles, mild cavein, and bubble can be seen due to its manufacturing process