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Cat's Taste Healthy Premium Cat Food Skin and Fur Joint Digestion Hairball Flavor 70g pouch (Jelly)

Cat's Taste Healthy Premium Cat Food Skin and Fur Joint Digestion Hairball Flavor 70g pouch (Jelly)

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High quality Japanese grade ingredients (Japanese Quality)
✅ Quality, pure white tuna, Human Grade level.
✅ Minimize risk for kidney disease: No added Sodium
✅ Grain Free: No ingredients of grains, corn, or gluten. 
✅ No preservatives, safe for cats to meow.
😸 For cats aged 1 year and up

*Complete Care: Cat’s Taste Healthy products use Human-grade Tuna with Fresh Fruits & Vegetables and Vitamins & Mineralst
Cat's Taste is delicious. Tasty in every bite. Healthy type. Size 70 g. 

     Skin and Fur Tuna in Jelly(topped with Tomato) Omega-6 and Vitamin E from tomatoes and sunflower oil that nourishes the skin and coat. 
Good for fur and skin, contains vitamin E to increase moisture and fluffy fur.

🦴 Joint tuna in jelly (topped with Papaya), rich in enzymes. and nutrients that nourish joints and reduce joint inflammation Derived from papaya and glucosamine. 
     Good for joints, arthritis symptoms, and stiffness.

🎃 Digestion tuna in jelly (topped with Pumpkin), rich in fiber and vitamins from papaya and pre-biotic to help enhance the work of the digestive system.
     Contains probiotics, beneficial microorganisms Help with excretion

🥭 Hairball control tuna in jelly (topped with Mango): rich in antioxidants and fiber from mango that can help reduce vomiting or regurgitation of hairballs. 
     Contains ingredients that may help reduce vomiting and regurgitation of hairballs. Makes it easier for the hair to come out with the poop!

Skin and Fur:  Tuna Meat, Tomato, Gelling Agent, Sunflower Oil, Guar Gum, Vitamin E, Taurine, Lysine
Joint: Tuna Meat, Papaya, Gelling Agent, Guar Gum, Glucosamine, Taurine, Lysine
Digestion: Tuna Meat, Pumpkin, Gelling Agent, Guar Gum, Fructo-oligosaccharides, Taurine, Lysine
Hairball: Tuna Meat, Mango, Gelling Agent, Guar Gum, Cellulose Fiber, Taurine, Lysine

Feeding guidelines:
1-3 kg: 2/5 - 4/5 Pouch/Day
3-5 kg: 4/5 - 1 Pouch/Day
5+ kg: 1+ Pouch/Day

Refrigerate after opening. Food can last up to 2 days

* “Complete Care” concept is not the same as AAFCO Complete & Balance
Cat owners can take care of their beloved cats completely (beyond taking care with normal food) by fulfilling different cat's health needs.
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