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Canada Fresh

Canada Fresh Dog 170 g

Canada Fresh Dog 170 g

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The Best of Science and Nature
Every Canada Fresh formula is scientifically created to meet your dog's nutritional needs at every life stage.

GRAIN-FREE, SOY-FREE, GLUTEN-FREE, HYPOALLERGENIC, AND POULTRY FREE (except for the chicken formula, of course!). This is excellent for pets who have protein-specific allergies.

Superior Nutrition
95% Fresh Meat
Every can is packed to the brim with fresh meat, naturally providing the nutrients your pet needs. It's nutrition the way nature intended.

Sourced and Made in Canada
Canada Fresh is made right here at home, and almost all of our ingredients are sourced from Canada as well*. That means exceptional quality ingredients from sustainable sources you can trust.

*Every ingredient except the salmon, which is sourced from Europe

Complete & Balanced
Every can of Canada Fresh is a complete and balanced meal for your dog. And our ingredients contain many of the essential nutrients your dog needs. Every can is naturally a source of:
‣ Glucosamine
‣ Vitamins
‣ Minerals
‣ Amino Acids
‣ Fatty Acids

No Unnecessary Extras
Limited Ingredients
With 95% fresh meat in every can, Canada Fresh formulas have limited ingredient decks and contain only the ingredients necessary to make the perfect healthy meal for your dog.

Single Animal Proteins
Every formula contains only one animal protein (except the red meat). It's the perfect choice for dogs with sensitivities or allergies – you'll always know which fresh meat you're serving in your dog's bowl.
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