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Nixen Multipro All in One Trimmer (Imported from Korea)

Nixen Multipro All in One Trimmer (Imported from Korea)

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Korea's Best Selling Grooming tool is now in the Philippines!

Imported from Korea

Versatile and Safe Hairdressing with 3 types of heads.


1. Innovative: Korea's first 3 step power control

2. Easy to use: comes with LCD Display and USB C Fast Charging

3. Safe and Comfortable: Hypoallergenic, low heat, low noise, low vibration

Great for beginners or first timers even without experience

Safe to touch the skin due to low heat blade

Safe 3d molded ceramic blade with smooth cutting


3 speed power for the toughest of hairs:

5500 RPM - 6000 RPM : use accordingly depending on amount of hair and situation

6500 RPM - Tangled areas, grinder and Faster trims

Easy Power and Battery Management

:LCD display

Versatile with 3 blade heads:

1. Basic blade head: Sole, Genitals and Anus, General trimming

2. Mini blade head (0.9 cm wide) : sole of the feet and hard to reach areas.

3. Claw head: Polishing toenails/ general maintenance

a. Made from enhanced diamond sharpener - Strong grinder power for stable trimming of toenails

b. Has 3 polishing areas : large breed, small breed and polishing

Long Usage time with fast charging:

Usage time: 2 hours and 30 minutes

Full charge time: 1 hour

Eco friendly Lithium iron Phosphate battery

Ergonomic and lightweight:

with base blade 118 grams

with claw grinder 124 grams

with mini blade 116 grams

Versatile use cases:

Face, ears and feet

Anus and genitals

Toe nails

*Usage reminders:

1. If using a hair clipper for first time, try using a comb cap/guide where grooming is difficult for a safer haircut

2. When using a comb cap/guide, if the hair is tangled or clumped, the hair may not be properly trimmed so comb before grooming.

3. If hair is too long, it may not be cut properly so trim with scissors first before grooming.


Comes with 2mm and 4mm guide, oil, charger and cleaning brush

Paws: General maintenance is a must.

1. Pets sweat from their feet. This is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria and germs which may lead to inflammation.

2. hairy soles may lead to slipping and injuries like patella dislocation

*blade is flat without protruding screws which minimize catching on fur or skin

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