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Skin & Fur Care Bundle

Skin & Fur Care Bundle

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TRIED & TESTED! If you have your skincare routine, so does your furbaby! Choose this bundle if you're looking to get your pupper extra silky fur & skin.

This set comes with:

1. Advanced Skin Solution
2. Mineral Spa Shampoo (Choice of any 500ml)

RELIQ Mineral Spa uses special minerals extracted from weathered volcanic clay. This prized mineral along with our proprietary formula creates an amazing solution for conditioning skin and maintaining a healthy coat.

All RELIQ Mineral Spa shampoos are safe, tear-free and infused with essential nutrients and botanical extracts. Perfect for dogs and cats, they rinse easily to simplify bath time and conserve water.

RELIQ’s non-drug, natural skin care is the final solution. Our unique ingredients are derived from weathered volcanic mineral deposits and enhanced by advanced nanotechnology molecular science forming the foundation of this skin remedy. Fragrance and alcohol free. This non-irritating formula is perfect for the most sensitive dogs. 

Shake well before use. Apply drops on irritated problem skin or other areas where scratching or chewing exists. Wipe excess with a soft tissue. Avoid contact with pet’s eyes. Gently massage deeply into coat and skin, focusing on affected areas. Do not rinse after applying. Air dry. Apply once or twice every week to relieve and heal skin irritation. Best results occur when used with RELIQ shampoos

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